BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trimui-sKeybinding adjustmentneonloop19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-07Keybinding adjustmenttrimui-sneonloop
2021-05-07Initial trimui s supportneonloop
2015-09-10Bump version number to 2.2.1 and add NEWS about itMike Swanson
2015-09-05configure: Check for windres only if building for windowsFabian Greffrath
2015-08-29appdata: add complete set of screenshots, upgrade schemaMike Swanson
2015-08-29appdata: screenshots do not actually need to be 16:9, revise the TODOMike Swanson
2015-08-29Add some preliminary *.appdata.xml files for software centersMike Swanson
2015-08-29d_iwad: change "gogcom_collectors_edition" to "root_path"Mike Swanson
2015-08-29Search installation directories for IWADsMike Swanson
2015-08-29Adjust PACKEDATTR for ClangJonathan Dowland