BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asmgfxAdds few assembly gfx functions from snes9x2002neonloop5 months
dynarecAdds experimental ARM dynarecneonloop5 months
performanceMerge branch 'dynarec' into performanceneonloop5 months
trimui-sAdds trimui s supportneonloop5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-02-09Adds trimui s supportHEADtrimui-sneonloop
2022-02-09Adds frameskip interval for limiting max skipped framesneonloop
2022-01-29Merge pull request #91 from keithbowes/soft-resetAutechre
2022-01-28Call S9xSoftReset() instead of S9xReset(), like newer Snes9x cores doKeith Bowes
2022-01-10Merge pull request #90 from salvacam/masterAutechre
2022-01-10add Miyoo targetsalvacam
2021-09-27Get rid of source/boolean.htwinaphex
2021-09-17Merge pull request #89 from jdgleaver/vfs-supportAutechre
2021-09-17Replace direct direct file access with VFS routinesjdgleaver