BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trimui-sMap ExHiROM banks 2x{6,7} and ax{6,7} to SRAMJustin Weiss20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-04-09Map ExHiROM banks 2x{6,7} and ax{6,7} to SRAMHEADtrimui-sJustin Weiss
2021-04-09Include eggs' tweaks to the overscan upscalerneonloop
2021-04-03Defaults to native resolutionneonloop
2021-04-03Merge branch 'eggs-improvements' into trimui-sneonloop
2021-04-03Adds overscan scaler and fps displayneonloop
2021-04-03Favors smoother audio over smoother videoneonloop
2021-04-02Defaults to native resolution and save config on menu exitneonloop
2021-03-11Makes button names symbolic for easier overridingneonloop
2021-03-11Adds NO_HIRES to scale hires mode to low-res screensneonloop
2021-03-11Restricts input handling to player 1neonloop