AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-17Initial trimui s supportneonloop
2020-01-15Make OPKpingflood
2020-01-15Fix ogg playerpingflood
2019-05-22Update iconpingflood
2019-05-22Make IPKpingflood
2019-05-22Fix button mapping and soundpingflood
2019-05-22Initial RG commitpingflood
2017-12-26GCW0 & DC commitsgameblabla
2017-12-16Added some hint to -d in READMEptitSeb
2017-12-16Added Music Volume optionptitSeb
2017-12-16Added some crude frameskip and activate RLE for ColorKeyed surfaceptitSeb
2017-12-16Fixed Desktop Fullscreen that wasn't fullscreenptitSeb
2017-12-15Added ESC (with space) the bring the main ingame menuptitSeb
2017-12-15Changed a bit how desktop fullscreen is initializedptitSeb
2017-12-11Added desktop fullscreen optionptitSeb
2017-12-11Added x5 optionptitSeb
2017-12-11[ODROID] Removed X11 dependancy, using SDL to get Desktop dimensionptitSeb
2017-12-11Forgot to Close XDisplayptitSeb
2017-12-10Update README.mdptitSeb
2017-12-06Added ODROID support (thanks to @meveric)ptitSeb
2017-11-30Added PYRA and CHIP supportptitSeb
2017-12-02Update README.mdptitSeb
2017-12-02Added Joystick support (only 1st joystick, better use a XBox360 type)ptitSeb
2017-12-02Added option for Fullscreen and various screen scalling (from x1 to x4, defau...ptitSeb
2017-12-02Fixed save that was not workingptitSeb
2017-11-30Forced C standard to 99ptitSeb
2017-11-30Fixed Travis, correcting apt package name for SDL MixerptitSeb
2017-11-30Fixed Travis, HCL use SDL not SDL2 for nowptitSeb
2017-11-30Added Travis and ScreenshotptitSeb
2017-11-30Fixed Pandora versionptitSeb
2017-11-30First commit. Version works on Linux (keyboard only, not configurable)ptitSeb
2017-11-30Initial commitptitSeb